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Marc Buttmann

Very precise, effective marketing consulting. Good understanding of our sometimes quite complex market and customer structure. The collaboration was very helpful to open our (unfortunately often) quite distorted inside view and to consider the customer view more. We will certainly continue to work together in the future.
TerraNova Energy GmbH

Sabine Pellkofer-Intzipeoglou

In the course of the relaunch of our website, Imre helped us to precisely carve out the uniqueness and USP of our young start-up. We now address our customers and visitors with convincing messages and active value propositions. We were convinced of his high and reliable quality of results as well as the valuable input to empower our market presence. We are happy to continue working with him in the future.

Markus Strecker_100
Markus Strecker

In recent years, Teiimo has developed strategically, from a start-up to a small company. In this process, Imre has supported us actively with his strategic marketing consultation and helped to strengthen us vis-à-vis investors, in particular with the optimisation of our equity story and the redesign of our pitch documents.
Teiimo GmbH

Barbara Kobler

After our merger, Imre helped us to hone the strengths of the ROCKBIRD brand and to upgrade our market appearance. Our new performance promise "Empowering your fleet" inspires our customers. And, of course, ourselves as well.

Oliver Rychter_100
Oliver Rychter
Managing Director

Imre helped me to set up and develop my company, and to position myself as an effective Managing Director. His advice and impulses were and are valuable to me in communicating convincingly with employees and customers.
Im.puls Team OR GmbH

Heinz Siegert_100
Heinz Siegert

With his marketing advice, Imre helped us as a start-up to strengthen our market appearance and to make our appeal to customers more effective. His support in devising our pitch presentation was also valuable.
Vulidity GmbH

Fabio di Salvo_100
Fabio di Salvo

As a start-up, Enzo Escoba is growing successfully. For me as a founder and Managing Director, the advice and impulses from Imre on the brand, marketing and communication were and are very valuable.
Enzo Escoba

Michael Wentz_100
Michael Wentz
Managing Director

iimono is a young company and offers Japanese specialities via an online shop. I am grateful to Imre for his energetic support, with which we were able to make our customer communication more active and dynamic, and thus strengthen our market presence.

Ch. Koblmiller

I would like to thank Imre for his valuable marketing advice to my start-up and the successful positioning of Leichtbauwelt.de as a cross-industry knowledge and networking platform. Our customers and readers are particularly convinced by the value proposition 'Inspiration for your progress in lightweight construction'. We will continue on this path for an inspiring brand presence - I am already looking forward to it.

Marion Laue_100
Marion Laue
Managing Director

After our buy-out, we wondered how we could position TRI-Punkt and lay the foundation for our new brand. With his experience and passionate commitment to us and our target groups, Imre smoothed the path for our success as a small but high-quality printing, shipping and logistics company. He developed a well-founded marketing concept and played a decisive role in helping to set up our branding. Imre also supported us actively and prudently with the incorporation of the company Druck-Punkt in the new company TRI-Punkt.
Tri-Punkt Solutions GmbH


Fit for the future

This challenge with great start-ups, interesting business models and exciting projects is great. Since October 2020, I have been a Supporting Partner of ESA BIC Bavaria. The founder centres ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) Bavaria and ESA BIC Northern Germany promote pioneering companies (start-ups) with innovative products and digital core competences. I help the incubatees and alumni by means of marketing, brand management, corporate communication and investor relations to create a robust and distinctive foundation, to upgrade their market appearance and to improve their business opportunities.

About ESA BIC: ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) Bavaria and ESA BIC Northern Germany promote pioneering companies with disruptive products and digital businesses. At the three Bavarian locations, Oberpfaffenhofen, Ottobrunn and Nuremberg as well as its Bremen location, startups highly benefit from the direct access to space technologies and –infrastructures, expert advice and technical facilities. The ESA BIC Bavaria and the ESA BIC Northern Germany incubation programme provide a comprehensive support programme, from research and development to financing, all the way through to market entry. ESA BIC Bavaria and the ESA BIC Northern Germany is part of the Europe-wide network with numerous ESA Business Incubation Centres. Established 2004 in Bavaria as the first European space incubator, AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen has been managing ESA BIC Bavaria since 2009 with financial support from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and its first-class partners: European Space Agency (ESA), German Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS), Kreissparkasse München-Starnberg-Ebersberg and Sparkasse Nuremberg. Since 2019, AZO also manages the ESA BIC Northern Germany in Bremen.

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