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Foundation. Concept. Ideas.

Make your business outstanding.

Most people make mistakes in marketing!

Therefore: Avoid unnecessary costs and speed up a boosting business

You had a great business idea and built up a company as an entrepreneur, small business or start-up? Now your marketing activities are on the go. Great. Congrats. A strong achievement.

Now you are full of energy. You are growing and eager to convince customers with innovations, to continue development or to optimize proven and established. Or is there currently some sand in the gears, the customers are not really biting, the competition has overtaken you and your ideas and measures are not working. Or maybe there are problems in your processes, your theories are not working in your day-to-day business and you want to replace the old or less proven with something new.

And slowly the impression is creeping up on you that you just don’t know how to tackle the problem. Keep cool. There’s a solution to become well equipped for the future.

The most important thing is: You need a robust and distinctive foundation to convince people with a strong market presence which unlocks the potential for a brand to leave its mark on audiences and business. You need to stand out, build relevance, grow market share, acquire new customers and drive business.


Marketing. Definitely.

Why do I need marketing, our customers know us? That may be, but it's too short-sighted. Market and competitive conditions as well as customer needs not only change and require specific adjustments, they also open up new potential. A valuable marketing appeals convincingly to customers, strengthens the operative day-to-day business and thus your turnover. Naturally, with clever concepts and targeted measures.

marketing. upgrade.

You’re riding the wave of growth and you might be even moving up to a SME. What if not? No problem because your experience will yield to upgrade your market presence and to align it with new goals.

marketing. upload.

Are you new to the start-up game? With all the work that goes into starting a business, there's little time to think about marketing that prove successful and are feasible to execute. It goes without saying that we need to map out your strengths. Stand out from the crowd.


communication. ongoing.

Don't you also have the impression that it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to find the right channels plus to fill them with the right messages? Employees, customers, business partners, the media and even investors need to be convinced. But not everyone is the same everywhere. It requires more than ever to provide orientation, evoke acceptance, and gain trust. This is becoming progressively individual.

Leadership. yep.

Start-ups require a specific style of leadership that will evolve as you grow. It’s important to cultivate good leadership that chart the course and get everyone pointed in the right direction. A strong team and multipliers will help you to achieve your targets better.


marketing. uphold.

Discover the importance of business development and how the process can help your business grow better, or even international. Establish and maintain relationships, increase brand awareness, and seek new opportunities to promote growth. 


organisation. helps.

As your company gets bigger, an organizational structure is helpful to learn who manages what processes at your company. You need to pivot or shift your leadership so you can visualize how the work flows would work.


Bengt Schmidt
Bengt Schmidt, CEO

PlastiVation Machinery GmbH

Imre has supported us comprehensively with his marketing- and communications consulting since the founding of our mechanical engineering start-up: from the development of our brand and our market presence, the development and implementation of the marketing strategy, and especially the increase in our level of awareness. He is always personally available to our team, provides qualified advice, takes systematic action, and convinces with targeted project management. We appreciate the cooperation very much and look forward to Imre continuing to accompany us on our way to becoming a successful medium-sized B2B company.

Heidi Reinhardt
Managing Director

The professional and personal service offered by Imre is unlike that of any other consultancy. He gives you the feeling that "Here I'm in really good hands". Incredibly trustworthy and of great value!!!

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