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Frequently Asked Questions:

Marketing helps you to boost your operational business activities and gain the appreciation of your customers. I will help you to develop a target-oriented marketing concept, from which I will derive the right marketing mix for you (including product marketing, service marketing, digital marketing), so that you can market your performance offer with strong content.

Corporate communication helps you to increase the level of awareness and reputation of your company. I will help you to develop a communication concept which gains the confidence and trust of employees, customers, media, as well as investors and business partners. With the right measures of internal and external communication, you inform, convince and impress with striking messages.

With strong brand management, you can strengthen your market position with regard to the set-up, further development and re-alignment of your company. I will help you to create a robust and distinctive foundation by honing your unique selling point, highlighting your strengths and differentiating you from the competition.

Do you want to achieve your operational targets, convince customers of your performance offer and make your customer-centricity successful? I will help you to market your solutions for customer requirements as needed with strong marketing measures and clear messages of benefit. Nationally. Internationally. Globally. Sustainably.

The number of communication media is growing. And provides you with more and more opportunities to increase the level of awareness of your company. However, today communication must be increasingly individual. The watering-can principle is out. The right communication concept will help you to provide your most diverse target groups with specific orientation, to convince and inspire them. In periods of change and in times of crisis, it is especially important to gain trust.

The customers must be in focus. You must know their expectations, requirements and desires. I will help you to show your range of services along the customer journey, to bring your customers to you and to convincingly convey your offer in order to retain your customers over the long term. With benefit-oriented messages through all channels.

Change communication helps in dynamic, sensitive or disruptive change processes, to overcome transfer barriers, to create understanding and to gain confidence and trust among relevant target groups. I will help you to manage your change process with active and structured internal and external communication. You will keep the communicative upper hand and create a spirit of optimism and a new attitude on the part of all involved.

Numerous factors decide the success of crisis communication. I will help you to manage this acute and highly dynamic situation with active and structured communication with internal and external target groups. This includes reducing complexity, sending clear, unambiguous messages, adopting an active approach as well as a positive mentality.

I want to help you to achieve your targets and make your projects successful. It should become easier, better and more convenient for you. In good and bad times or in times of change. For each of my customers I give everything and want to achieve the best for them. For this purpose, I use my experience and my knowledge of national market and technology leaders, and also as a globally responsible management personality. Without theoretical banter, but strategically, actively and passionately.

The duration of our cooperation will be agreed individually in accordance with your requirements. I will support you as long as is necessary for us to achieve your specified project objective. In any event, the result must be impressive.

If we process a single individual project, implementation may be possible within a few days. For example, if I support you in preparing press, employee or customer information. If we work together strategically and, for example, develop concepts and campaigns, before the start and implementation we must plan time for the establishment of a secure and distinctive foundation. A project plan that guarantees compliance with your requirements and target schedule will serve as a basis. All of which, of course, does not exclude "quick wins".

Unless a respective offer is made, your costs will depend on your requirements and our project agreement. My hourly and daily rates are clear and fair. They will provide you with over 25 years of experience and knowledge from more than 3000 projects with national and global technology leaders and for my customers, as well as 12 years of management competence in globally operating departments and national and international project teams. I will honour our agreements.

SIn the event that we do not, or not immediately, achieve the stated project objectives, we must jointly ask ourselves questions and examine the aspects that have not functioned. Were the set tasks sufficiently concrete? Have market, customer or framework conditions changed during the implementation? Are other or additional measures purposeful? Only in this way will we be able to adjust the arrangements and implementation and make improvements.

Yes, certainly. In particular during my time as a globally responsible marketing and communication manager, I actively supported market entries in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, established market appearances and subsequently developed them further. This also involved the creation of locally active and committed teams, the alignment of all activities with local market and customer requirements, as well as the positioning and strengthening of locally responsible managers, both internally and externally.

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